Portable, Fast & Fully Automated AVRO Pump!



Can I travel with the AVRO pump on an airplane?

Yes the AVRO pump can travel on an airplane and must be placed in carry-on baggage since it has a built in lithium-ion battery. This airline guideline applies to other electronics such as laptops and cellphones.


The hose of the AVRO pump retains a curve from the packaging and prevents the pump from sitting flat while pumping. Is there a way to correct this?

Yes the shape can be bent out with the application of heat from a hair dryer and adjusted into the desired curve as it cools. This way a single curve can make the pump rest against your leading edge as it inflates your kite.


My kite is moving around with the wind while it is inflating. Is there a way to prevent my kite from flying away while using the AVRO pump?

The AVRO bag is included and serves as an anchor bag. Fill it up with sand and hook it to your kite or just place it on the underside of your kite near the leading edge if the wind is blowing hard.


It is difficult to attach the valve adapter onto my kite’s valve and have the AVRO pump lay upright. Is there a way to make it attach easier and have the pump upright?


Attach the valve adapter to the hose end and hook it up to the kite’s valve first. Then attach the swivel end to the AVRO pump until it is firm and the pump is upright. If it is not upright loosen the swivel and adjust the pump to the desired position. Then tighten the swivel with a firm clockwise motion until tight.